Restaurant SUYD

Still looking for the perfect place for a delicious lunch or a sumptuous dinner? Then you have come to the right restaurant at our atmospheric restaurant SUYD. You will find our restaurant in Van der Valk Hotel Lelystad.

The story behind 'SUYD

For the name of 'SUYD', we were inspired by the natural surroundings and history of Lelystad. Thus, the name "SUYD" comes from the oldest known name Sudersee (read: Zuiderzee), now better known as the IJsselmeer. This is the inland lake of the Northern Netherlands and surrounded by Lelystad, among others. The fact that our restaurant and adjoining terrace face south completed the circle.

Restaurant SUYD

In SUYD restaurant, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or an extensive dinner. Take a seat at one of the modern, high tables, on one of the lounge sofas or on one of the comfortable chairs. The restaurant has modern furnishings and has all the ingredients for a successful lunch with family, friends or acquaintances. The many plants, mood lighting and beautiful accessories give the restaurant a luxurious and modern atmosphere. Restaurant SUYD is the perfect place to let you completely unwind and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner.

Our lunch menu

In our à la carte restaurant, you can order various dishes from the menu during lunch. SUYD's menu nicely combines the well-known Valk classics and our contemporary lunch and brunch dishes. How about a delicious homemade tomato soup with basil, our own soto soup with crispy bean sprouts, ginger, pak choi, an egg and glass noodles or a Bisque shellfish soup with delicious Dutch shrimps and homemade croutons? We also offer a wide choice of special egg dishes such as various omelettes, bouncers and poached eggs. You can add various supplements to all our egg dishes. So your omelette or bouncer is always made especially for you. Our lunch menu also includes a wide range of hot dishes with meat and fish specialities such as our crispy veal croquettes with fries or bread, a delicious tasting mini croquettes or the special hamburger SUYD.

Of course, our menu also features a wide selection of sandwiches. These include the classic carpaccio sandwich with spicy rocket, tasty Parmesan cheese, crunchy pine nuts and delicious truffle mayonnaise, the sandwich with smoked salmon, mustard-dill sauce, capers and cream cheese and many more are also on our menu.

Vegetarian lunch dishes

Besides a range of meat and fish specialities, our lunch menu also includes a number of vegetarian and vegan options such as the eggs Florentine: soft poached eggs with spinach, brioche bread and Hollandaise sauce, the vegan burger with mushrooms, sweet beetroot and creamy vegan mayonnaise and creamy tomato soup with basil. Also our sandwich with grilled vegetables, humus feta cream and hazelnuts and soft goat cheese salad with sweet potato, roasted peanuts, roasted carrots and lentils are vegetarian. We also offer several tasty side dishes, completely vegetarian. How about crusty bread with butter and olive oil, sweet potato fries with truffle mayonnaise, roasted carrots with Ras el Hanout, a can of apple sauce with the well-known Van der Valk cherry and much more. All omelettes and bouncers can also be ordered vegetarian.

Our dinner menu

Besides an extensive lunch menu, our restaurant also has a diverse dinner menu. On our dinner menu, our well-known Valk classics alternate with contemporary dishes. The menu includes various fish, meat and vegetarian dishes so that there is something for everyone. For starters, order one of Restaurant SUYD's delicious starters such as our Tuna Tataki with grilled tuna, avocado, mango gel, rettich and coconut vinaigrette, our classic carpaccio with crispy garlic, Parmesan cheese and truffle mayonnaise, an Italian-style burrata with Coeur de Boeuf, olive oil and basil sorbet or one of our other delicious starters or freshly made soups.

The main courses on our menu consist of a combination of well-known Valk classics and our new, contemporary dishes. For example, how about the classic schnitzel with seasonal vegetables, potato mousseline, puffed tomato and delicious stroganoff sauce, two baby tongues or our tasty salmon? Or will you go for one of our new dishes like the Lobster Mac 'n Cheese, the sirloin steak or our burger wellington style? Of course, there are many more starters, main courses and desserts on our extensive menu and the youngest Van der Valk visitors have also been thought of with a special children's menu with delicious snacks, fries and other small portions of our regular dishes. Bon appetit!

Besides ordering from the menu, it is also possible to share dishes with us. How about a delicious sea bass with lemon and beurre blanc, a flavoursome cheese fondue with truffle, mushrooms, asparagus broccoli, Parma ham and various dips or a Côte de Boeuf with potato gratin.

Vegetarian dinner dishes

Besides our delicious fish and meat specialities, Restaurant SUYD's dinner menu also features several vegetarian dishes. These include the Italian-style burrata with Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes, olive oil and basil sorbet, the smoked carrot with curry pearls, horseradish, crispy onion and Amsterdam sour and the goat cheese salad with soft goat cheese, sweet potato, crispy roasted peanuts, roasted carrots and lentils among our starters. Several vegetarian choices can also be found among the main courses, such as the black risotto goat cheese with watercress, black risotto, leeks and mature goat cheese and the salsify a la crème with egg yolk, truffle shavings and jacket potatoes. In addition, several vegetarian side dishes can be ordered to complete your dinner.

Opening hours

Breakfast: Mon to Fri 06:30 - 10:00 hours
Sat and Sun 07:30 - 10:30 am
Lunch: daily from 11:30 to 15:00
Dinner: Daily from 17:00 to 22:00.
The kitchen closes at 22:00


Don't forget to book your table in advance. This way we can make sure you enjoy your first experience in our restaurant and avoid disappointments.