Walking in the vicinity of Van der Valk Hotel Lelystad is a true discovery. If you like a brisk walk, you are close to Lelystad Airport and the Aviodrome Aviation Museum to spot planes. Would you rather go out into nature? That is also close by: Discover nature park Lelystad nearby and go on a swing with the kids or walk to the Nieuwland National Park or the beautiful Oostvaardersplassen and go spotting birds and other wild animals.

Lelystad Nature Park

Lelystad has a beautiful nature park close to Van der Valk Hotel Lelystad. This natural park has a playground for children, but also a beautiful area where you can walk around with your dog. In this park you can encounter wild animals such as deer, storks, beavers, otters, wild boars and moose. How beautiful would that be? Face to face with such a beautiful animal,

Nieuwland National Park

Across the A6, where the Ooievaarsplas and Reigersplas are located, is the Nieuwland National Park. This park consists of three quarters of water, you can check how many aquatic animals can be present and what kind of water paradise this already is for the animals. The special thing about this park is that it was made by human hands from water, the Lepelaarsplassen is a well-known lake.


The Oostvaardersplassen are part of the Nieuwland National Park and were created by the draining of the Flevopolders (therefore a relatively young area). This nature reserve is located between Almere and Lelystad and is a beautiful area for walking. There is a visitor center and a world famous pavilion for eating. If you get hungry in between lunch/drinks/high tea or if you fancy a simple cup of coffee or tea, this is the place. This Oostvaardersplassen has 2 entrances and a fun fact is that this area is 5 meters below sea level and has no fewer than 30 different bird species.