Early Toucan Weeks at Van der Valk Lelystad

Discover the Early Toucan Weeks at Van der Valk! The "Early Toucan Weeks" is the biggest hotel offer at Van der Valk, which takes place 5 times a year for two weeks. This means 2 weeks of extra discount on a stay. The deal consists of one or more delicious overnight stay(s) in one of our hotel rooms. Always including a delicious Van der Valk breakfast at all participating hotels. With this exclusive offer we give you the chance to book ahead at a very reduced rate. This early booking discount already starts at 35% and can go up to 50%. Prices vary per hotel and depend on the room type and availability that the hotel has.

Do you have a Valk Loyal account? Then you also save €2.50 p.p. credit on the entire stay as soon as you book with a Valk account. Check out the promotion conditions. There are only a limited number of rooms available!

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What are the benefits of The Early Toucan Weeks?

✓ High discount: With the early booking discount of at least 35%, you can save significantly on your stay at one of our hotels.

✓ Wide choice: The Early Toucan Weeks allow you to plan far ahead. You have the opportunity to choose from a variety of dates and hotels to suit your needs!

✓ Breakfast included: Every stay during Early Toucan Weeks includes a delicious breakfast. Start your day right with a full breakfast (buffet), so you can explore the area or start your daily activities full of energy.

✓ Discount in the Valk Store: In addition to all Van der Valk Hotels, our Valk Store also participates in the Early Toekan Weeks. Discover a range of high-quality beds, box springs, comforters, pillows, bath textiles and much more here. Take a look at our Valk Store for the specific terms of this offer.